Meredith is truly a master at her trade of which she is devoted. When participating in her class you will receive the fullest of benefit – every minute is maximizes during the time you devote – her innate ability to scan the class and communicate subtle adjustments feels like she is only talking to you. These subtle alignment adjustments in each pose suddenly changes the experience from good to great. This can only be explained by experiencing practice time with Meredith – either in class or privately.

Rick L. Rochester, NY

Meredith has a contagious and authentic fire in her belly that sparks enthusiasm, laughter, encouragement, and a genuine love for life, her students and the activities she engages in. The combination of her true compassion and genuine caring for yoga and wellness, plus her incredible knowledge of anatomy, physiology and yoga, make her an amazing and fun teacher. I am so blessed I found Meredith two years ago; she is a true teacher of teachers.

Alyssa G. Naples, Florida

After 18 years of my yoga journey, I have a new yoga consciousness in only five months because of Meredith’s teaching. It is with love that she cares for each student and their unique anatomical needs. Her depth of knowledge in all aspects of yoga, combined with her compassionate and patient style makes learning fun and more accessible. Thank you dear teacher.

Pat H. San Diego, California

Meredith-You truly are a healer and a gifted person. I love how low key you are. And there has been so many one liners you have said, that play over and over in my brain, that are helping me get better, after a shocking diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. You are like an angel that has come to me. No words can express my gratitude, for in a very short time, you have changed my life.

Sara J. Montreal, Canada 

I have been slowly working my way to wheel pose so the parts of your sequence today were very helpful, and although new to your style I felt very comfortable. I skipped a yoga class this morning that is 4 min. from home to take yours at BKS despite the 35 Min. drive because something told me it was worth the extra effort. I didn’t have a clue who you were and am so glad that I listened to my heart! Everything about the experience exceeded expectations and I drove home with joy in my heart and a smile on my face. Thank you for that Meredith.

John S. Indianapolis, Indiana 

In our family, body work with Meredith is the go-to Birthday gift now as her gifted hands make us all feel so well pampered.

Richard G. Naples, Florida

Meredith is yoga personified: grace, wisdom, compassion and deep respect for this practice. Her fun and philosophy make her classes so interesting. I learn something every single time!

Marina D. San Luis Obispo, California