In 1963, Elaine and Richard Bossert purchased 130 acres in Southern Vermont that had been homesteaded and used as a dairy farm by Norwegian-born Ole Antensen. Along with their four children, this home was used as a vacation home where horses and skiing became favorite past times. Since the 1970’s the main farming production has been hay and timber, and the home used for seasonal guests.

Fast forward many decades and as the youngest of the Bossert children, I am returning to the land to share a healing and wellness retreat center, during the Summer months. It seems such a natural path with my background as massage therapist, classical hatha yoga teacher and avid self taught “nutritionist” for 23 years. It will be so much fun to make this dream a reality.

The earth is the most powerful and consistently faithful healer we will ever know. In this time of unprecedented uncertainty, there is only one true consistent force….Gaia, Mother Nature, Earth.

Yoga at its very center is a study of the great earth and her atmospheres, and how our bodies and the chakra systems mirror the physical world in which we live. Our bones are the earth, our movement fire, we live in mostly fluid as water, and the air we breathe is the wind. Our thoughts are vaporous as steam and the fragile nature of this life as the dewdrop. What better place to discover our own beings than in the arms of the Mother, walking the land and learning her rhythms.

There is a deep desire in me to share this land with others, to unplug from the sounds of the city and into the waterfalls, birds, breezes and peepers. Every time I step foot on this land, Nature welcomes me, nourishes me, teaches me. I am privileged to have this opportunity.

Some days it feels like an arduous task and others the wind drives me to push further in making this house and this property a place to come together and share the bounty of being alive. The enormity of this gift is beyond measure and I hope to see you here in September!


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